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} The primary purpose of this software is to increase efficiency.
} Using internet technology to its best advantage.
} Substantial long-term cost savings
} Tracking information and/or connecting with other organizations.
} Easy to use with picture icons for simplification.
The FWD SYSTEM is continually being improved and further developed to make the program more user-friendly than ever before and speed up the issuing of documents.
It is a Software Control Shipment and Document Control for freight forwarding businesses covering the following activities
} Ocean Freight Service.
} Air Freight Service.
} Courier (Air Service for Small Goods or Document).
} Freight by Rail.
} Road Transportation Management .
} Warehouse Services.
} Customs Broker Services.
} Other Services (Packing / Fumigation).
} Quotation Management .
} Accounts System (Balance sheet per month / year).
} Customer Online Tracking process.
Specification For FWD SYSTEM
} Web application developed using PHP language
} Mysql Database .
} Web Server using APACHE 2.2
} User Clients need the latest version of Internet Explorer to run the program
} Preview documents using Acrobat Reader Or Excel.
} Xeon CPU Server 4 Core up.
} User Clients must use OS Windows 7 , windows 8 or windows 10
The capability of the program
} Add / Edit / Delete Customer/Shipper/Consignee/Agent information. Such as Name , Address , Contact information , Billing information etc.
} Save history of Customer/Shipper/Consignee/Agent information all for re-use again next time.
} Create quotations and can use to calculate costs and revenue.
} To print B/L, Shipping particulars, Booking Confirmation, Job Sheet, Airline master, Advance Documents, Transportation Documents
} Can create and print all account documentation for example: Invoice/Payment, Debit/Credit Note, Advance/Clearance notes etc.
} Production of document reports for Pre-Booking, Pre-Alert, Load-Plan, and Cargo - Manifest.
} There a range documented reports for accountancy purposes  for example:-Booking List Report, Monthly Report, Master Control Report, Net Profit Report, Receipt & Payment Report, Balance Report, GL Report.
} Account closure process using this program
Concept of Program
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