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We offer a highly professional a recognised domain registration service provider. Terms and conditions come with an easy rental service for uninterrupted use. We will maintain Cloud Server Hosting together with the provision of a quick maintenance and update facility.
Domain name registration service, to be used as the name of your Website and E-mail such as and
Domain name (,,, Example ( service fees 900 a year.
Domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz) Example ( service fee 600 a year.
We provide a 24/7 team service.
The server is located at CAT, INET speeds access up to 3 GB.
We provide an easy to use Control panel with an excellent SPAM and VIRUS filter.
A full consultation process undertaken with the appropriate Client Staff.
We realize that customers E-Mail is of utmost importance and requires particular care.
Free Document Management System or Group Office program.
5 GB of space at our special price 2,500 baht/month with a guaranteed 99.99% Uptime.
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