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IT Outsourcing is the another way to incease and develop for replace the IT department or working out togather, which focus on whole developing systems or the development computer technology in hardwares , softwares , human resource including offer hardwares or new technology to use in organization.

Our services cover maintenance network systems, Hardwares, basic software and specific software, Antivirus etc.
offer technicals to provide services to your company monthly at leat 2 times a month for check the system to make use all are ready to work including sugguess to buy best hardwares for save and use hightest, management Anti-Virus system by update and make the computer always clean.

Our service offter you as you have permanent I.T. in organization.

Main Features
1. Fixing minor problems to systems/software ensuring all are resolved quickly and that long-term solutions are dealt with efficiently.
2. Ensuring that staff are trained to a high standard in computer operation/systems
3. Appearance and dress code are presentable during the working period
4. Good manner and politely.
5. Unlimited access for support service.
6. Backup devices support to be able to work 24/7.
7. Regular performance reports of support issues through the website.
Compare ASIA IT Outsource and Permanent IT
The Features Permanent IT Process ASIA IT Outsource
How it works Individual working who may not be able to resolve all problems Team work solution to resolve problems with the ability to call for additional outside specialist services
Troubleshooting Maybe able to solve some issues but would need to call on the System manufacturer which takes time and with costs  Fix the problem, the same problem will not recur Admin remains to conclude the development and improvement of the system. To prevent problems that may arise in the future in advance. The work is much less.
Server/Network Issues May not have the expertise knowledge to resolve more complex network problems We provide expertise in server operations which can prevent networks failing for long periods
Systems Development Unless specific training in that system then would have to refer back to system author for additional development Our own staff can continually improve and amend our systems without undue delays
Identifying New Systems Time consuming and may not have the knowledge of new advanced systems  Our R & D team keep abreast of all new system developments and can offer information quickly
Backup Systems Backup may not be available to all your systems which could be costly if problems occur We keep a comprehensive backup operation for all our systems on a daily basis to minimise any delays
In cases where the System Crashes Working alone to resolve the problem and may need to call in expert assistance at a cost in financial and time terms We can call on at least a team of 5/10 people to give immediate support in the event of a crash and depending on the size of our customers organisation
Entrance time may entrance work directly entrance work in about 40 minutes or less.In case not urgent job about 3 hours or less. If we work out in 3 to 6 months ensure that all problems amost done and can cotrol system easy to next entrance or slove problems.
Frequent problems

Oftenly get same prolems. Inability to resolve these permanently without expertise assistance

We try to ensure these do not happen showing ways of preventing them. All same problems must be done and protect for happen other problems in the future in advance (If user can do as ASIA IT)
Technicials knowledge improvement No development much or slowly because all problems they have got daily is not various. Always improvement because of they have got many problems in simple and various aslo always get training by admin.
User knowladge improvement Not improve because of there is no need to teach knowledge. teh technicals often keep the knowledge to make the User unable to support themselves. User can be improve at any time, because if they can slove the initial problem it will less work from technical. The communication between the user and the technical easier can fix troubleshooting easier and quickly from the outside.
Analysis issues work and analysis alone no equipment to ensure for analysis There is a special software to help for analysis and issue probles by admin that hight experence for less problems.
IT Care and maintenance Hard control, discontented , mostly choose to quit the job so often change technical IT easily control, work under deal policy, do not often change technical unless they unfree or sick.
All technical are working permanent in ASIA IT company.
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