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Software Control Shipment and Document for freight forwarding businesses

  • Ocean Freight Service.
  • Air Freight Service.
  • Courier and Transportation Services
  • Warehouse Services.
  • Customs Broker Services.
  • Packing / Fumigation.
  • Quotation Management .
  • Accounts System
  • Customer Online Tracking.


Our efficient data manager for Business On Line services using the overseas transportation information from the Invoicing and Packing listings to track, in real time, the progress of both your inbound and outbound air/sea freight. So you have the comfort of complete knowledge of the whereabouts of your shipments where ever they are in the world.


We can offer a highly professional website and are a recognised domain registration service provider with an easy rental service for uninterrupted use. We maintain Cloud Server Hosting and whatever you choose to use there is a quick maintenance and update facility provided.


Work on the part of a computer system, usually with a broader scope and necessary to bring specialists come in. Developed to prevent errors and damage will occur. Business services that help customers to install the system, system design or work in other areas as Project By Project, according to the customers Requirement with a team that specializes in serving on various test systems, functional so that customers receive maximum benefits in use.


Daily Database Backup 30 days (Automatic backup everyday after midnight , could recalled for the last 30 days)

Daily different File Sharing (Backup different file sharing as cloning and store at another could sever one more set)

Weekly Full Backup 4 times (Full backup on sunday one more time weekly )